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50 Shades of Forever is where fashion meets heart.

We firmly stand behind acting out of unconditional love. We trust that building a better world starts with uninhibited self-expression. We salute the struggle it takes to turn dreams to reality, no matter what life may throw at us. Resilience runs within our DNA.

At our core, we believe that what we wear should tell a story, and that our stories are worth sharing.

50 Shades in Action

A better world starts with the freedom to express, but it doesn’t stop there. Positive change requires positive action.

That’s why 20% of 50 Shades of Forever Clothing purchases go to charity: water, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to people in developing nations.

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50 Shades of Forever Clothing & Accessories

50 Shades of Forever Clothing
50 Shades of Forever

Our Story

50 Shades of Forever is an independently-owned, female-founded, and family-first company. Battling drug addiction and a series of personal crises, founder Samantha decided to turn her pain into something positive. With grit, determination, and above all heart, she launched 50 Shades of Forever, which soon sprouted to become a haven for self-expression, personal growth, and impact-driven fashion.

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