If you’ve been with me from the beginning of the 50 shades of forever clothing journey,

Thank you so much, it means everything to me.

I am forever humbled and grateful

If you’ve been here from the beginning…

Then you know 50 shades of forever clothing was born on my moms couch underneath blankets while my family slept through the night.

My sister, nephew and I slept in moms living room.

I say this because it’s the truth and I don’t want people painting fake ass pictures of my company.

I was still fighting my drug addiction when I started,

But I didn’t let that stop me

In fact I let it drive me

I started with literal tears in my eyes, the strongest most powerful love in my heart and a determination from Hell to heal my soul from a life event that left me in fucking shambles.

Piece by piece I put myself back together.

My mom and my sister were constantly in my ear talking about how this was never going to be anything because they didn’t understand and i didn’t really let them in, i wanted to figure this out alone so that i could learn to make better choices and change my lifestyle for the better.

They were telling me that I was crazy.

I felt like i had no choice but to teach myself to not give a fuck about the opinions of others when the vision is MINE

This is my shot to inspire others just like I was inspired to take this action to create my own business.

I taught myself a whole new way of thinking and a new way of recreating myself

I learned how to believe in myself.. because no one else did; which was good because in the end it taught me how to stand on my own two feet

I never gave up, if anything I pushed back harder to show myself I could… and I did.

I made a promise to myself that i would put myself first so that i could show up better for others.

Also to show myself that I am not weak just because i feel so deeply, if anything its a strength.

I wanted to show my family that they can always count on me.

My aim is to continue learning and that right there is the recipe when you’re going for the great.

This one’s for the family tee is a beautiful way to exude positive energy towards your family, to show them you will always care, and that you rep them all day everyday no fucks given

Let’s create more unity

If you’re with that

Go cop you a shirt

We have a difference to make and it will be done together if you’re with it

Building a brand is hard AF

being a woman adds to it because lot a lot of people don’t buy from women and to make it even more interesting, my company is 100% independent

No labels or deals

This is my story to be told.

I was inspired by a book that made me ask myself,

“What do you want?”