I once traveled 998 miles to a place I had never been before to fall in love with a girl I’d never met before.
You wanna talk about courage and believing in yourself
and believing in the power of love.
The girl I write about today gave me the definition
of what it means to be loved fully by another human being.
What we had was electric and this spark brought us together.
We didn’t care about distance.
We cared about love.
Most importantly, we cared about each other.
I’m talking 26 consecutive hours on the phone
without running out of desire for getting to
know each other better.
What we craved was more.
We met in ‘08’ and our relationship was goals
before the hashtag was popular. We spoke everyday
for 6 months before we finally decided to meet for the very first time.
Her parents were the most loving people I’d ever met
alongside her brothers and the rest of her family.
They made me feel like I was family.
We were engaged when I left.
I was sure I’d be back home with her in no time.
I was 21 and my mother claimed to need
my help to move from Oklahoma all the way back to Oregon via her van.
She later admitted to purposefully tearing me away because I didn’t belong with a woman.
The funny thing is, She was once with a woman.
She played the part so well, about how what I did was wrong, how GOD didn’t like the gays and at that time in my life, I actually believed in religion because I stopped believing in myself.
If there is a time in my life that I should have said FUCK OFF,
It should have been this day.
Because this girl really loved me.